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"From Animism to Anime: Nature at Aichi World Expo.”

Essay that appeared in Technology and Culture, 2007

Selected Works

Are we ready for space colonization and is space ready for us? Forthcoming, Pegasus Books, 2021.
This 2014 Locus Award Finalist is the true story of Ray Palmer, the science fiction editor who jumpstarted the flying saucer craze and early interest in the paranormal.
A critically acclaimed historical study of the overlap between performers of stage magic and purveyors of scientific wonders.
Co-Editor of volumes 20-21, World History Encyclopedia, eds. Alfred J. Andrea and Carolyn Neel, Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2011.
Camille Flammarion, a forerunner of Jules Verne, was an astronomer, balloonist, and science fiction visionary who dazzled the world. June 2016 article in Astronomy magazine.
Biographical essay in Imponderable, the exhibition catalog for Tony Oursler's July, 2015 show at Luma Arles, published in English with French translation.
Santa Barbara's sunshine has long provided a perfect setting for noir fiction. December 2015, Santa Barbara Seasons magazine.
Before reality tv, there was "Candid Microphone," Allen Funt's postwar radio broadcasts. This article served as background for the October 6, 2015 NPR Radiolab episode, "Smile My Ass."